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Harvey Gibbs

Digital signatures in conveyancing - the way forward?

  • Posted

Digital signatures in conveyancing – the way forward? Since July 2021 the Land Registry has been prepared to accept electronic signatures as a means of executing deeds in conveyancing transactions. The concept of electronic signatures was not...

Auctions - a good way to buy a property?

  • Posted

I regularly receive calls from clients who are interested in a property they have seen which is to be sold by way of an auction. Occasionally the first we hear about it is when our client telephones to say that they were the successful bidder at an auction...

Watch Out for Freehold Estate Rentcharges or Service Charges!

  • Posted

The payment of a service charge to cover the cost of maintaining communal facilities is well established for leasehold properties, such as apartments. What is not so well known however is that freehold houses can also be subject to a service charge, or an...

Don't become a victim of property fraud!

  • Posted

Perhaps now is the time for a reminder about the risk of becoming the victim of a property fraud. This is particularly so given that since March 2020 many of us in the property industry have been working from home, with most communications with clients and...

What's Yours Could Be Mine - What You Should Know About Adverse Possession

  • Posted

Perhaps surprisingly, a regular enquiry that I receive from clients concerns what is known as “adverse possession” of land. The public perception of this is that it is all about squatters who have seized possession of a building. However, most of...