Christie John


I graduated from the University of Leicester with a first-class law degree in 2021. Whilst studying during the pandemic was challenging, the experience helped me build resilience and enhance my independent problem-solving skills in readiness for professional working life.

My motivation for pursuing a career in commercial law stems from both my retail employment and my university studies. Working in retail taught me the importance of achieving sales projections and increasing profit margins and highlighted the financial consequences faced by underperforming businesses, alongside its effects on competing companies. Reading company and commercial law at university allowed me to link my theoretical knowledge of the law to commerce and understand how fundamental legal principles facilitate business transactions.

During my final year of study, I worked with my university’s Legal Advice Clinic to help members of the public resolve their legal queries. The first case I worked on related to a boundary dispute and the potential claim for adverse possession, which initially piqued my interest in property law. I enjoyed applying legal provisions to such complex scenarios and providing clients with comprehensive yet practical solutions to their problems. This attribute encompasses Feldon Dunsmore’s ethos and is what attracted me to the firm.

Moving forward, I hope to advance my career at Feldon Dunsmore and accomplish my goal of qualifying as a solicitor.

One word my colleagues would use to describe me is…


If I won the lottery I would…

Donate to charity, invest sensibly, and treat my family to a luxury holiday!

My chosen super power would be…

Time Travel, so I could experience life in different historical eras and spend time with loved ones from the past