Maryam Hassan


My passion for law began when I was 13. Whilst I didn’t know much about it, I saw a legal career as exciting, and as a confident teenager who loved debating and reading, suited to my personality.

My passion was solidified after completing internships in different areas of law. Since then, I have been in awe of the intellectually challenging and demanding nature of the legal profession.

After graduating from Warwick in 2019, I was awarded two scholarships to travel to Shanghai for an internship with a niche commercial law firm. It was a unique and exciting experience to travel and work in China. I, also, completed a vacation scheme in construction. This is where my passion for land law began. I enjoyed the complex nature of the contracts I worked on and seeing the tangible results of my work.

Outside of work, I volunteer with several charities. One of my most memorable volunteering experiences was spending three months in Ghana, working on a women empowerment project. I also have a food blog where I post recipes and food reviews. As a result of my blog’s recent success, I have collaborated with several businesses, including a local bakery.

I am excited to be returning to Coventry and beginning my career close to where I have lived and studied.