Mazen Abou Farha


My interests in law have always been driven by my desire to achieve fair settlements. Commercial property law therefore seemed appropriate, as it provides the arena for negotiation and reconciliation.

After studying law at the University of Ulster, I was determined to go into legal practice, and decided to undertake the LPC at the University of Law in Bristol, to develop my skills in readiness of my envisaged career.

After completing the LPC, I worked at a legal advice helpline, where I advised clients of their legal position in, inter alia, property and commercial disputes. As I explored different areas of law, the realms of land law seemed ever appealing, which led me to join Feldon Dunsmore in 2022.

In my spare time, I like to spend time with family and friends. Having always been fascinated by the art and architecture of the antiquity, I like to spend a day out in a city perusing classical buildings and indulging into the delights of their ornaments. Yet where I left a busy week behind, I would choose unwinding in contemplation of a valley or a distant horizon over the sea.

My work ethic…

is best described in Vergil’s words, ‘Foederis Aequas Dicamus Leges’.