Nigel Bell

Senior Solicitor

A love of John Grisham novels got me into the law. I always wanted to be the hero lawyer saving the little guy. That determination to get the best result for my client still drives me today.

I am an experienced planning solicitor. I always seek to build a relationship with my clients and fellow professionals. I strive to give my clients pragmatic solutions.  Clients and colleagues respect me and have confidence in my legal advice. I take great pride in my professional integrity. If something is a no hoper, I will always tell my client straight, but then look to find a solution.

I have worked on all aspects of planning, including major housing schemes, large retail and commercial development, local plan making, enforcement and conservation/heritage. I have dealt with everything from a 1,900 dwelling self-build scheme down to a cat flap on a listed building! I worked for over 12 years in local government, regularly attending planning committees to advise elected members. I have been involved with numerous planning appeals and court cases. I have dealt with all the major housebuilders and developers.

I am a member of the Law Society’s Planning & Environmental Law Committee, which is made up of leading planning solicitors. We review and comment upon changes in planning law, practice and procedure. We look to promote and support all solicitors working in planning and environmental law. The committee allows me to hear about changes in planning as they happen and gain an understanding from all sides of the planning profession.

Outside of work, I can be found spending time with my loving family, doing a spot of DIY, eating, drinking or watching Formula One.

One word my colleagues would use to describe me is...

Eternal optimist (yes, I know that’s two words)

When I grow up, I want to be…

A racing driver

My alter ego…

Han Solo

I would rather be…

Sat on the beach in Phuket, with a Long Island Iced Tea in one hand and a Grisham novel in the other