Samina Jahangir


With a law degree and an interest in economics, commercial law seemed like the perfect career choice. I enjoy working with businesses, gaining an insight into different industries, and the competition that goes with commerce.

After graduating from the University of Warwick with a Law degree in 2018, I worked at a commercial law firm as a Legal Assistant where I gained valuable skills and the experience solidified my motivations for pursuing a career in law.

Property law has always been an area of interest as I enjoy the transactional aspect and was able to work briefly at a conveyancing law firm, where I gained an insight into the conveyancing process for both buying and selling property.

Feldon Dunsmore’s success in the commercial property sector is what drew me to the firm, having grown significantly within a short period of time. The level of specialist expertise available makes Feldon Dunsmore the best place to further my legal career with excellent training and development opportunities.

Outside of law, I enjoy keeping active whether that be a visit to the gym or going on a 5k run. I love travelling and exploring different cultures and hope to tick off as many countries as possible. I have a love for cooking and baking, although my family are probably tired of eating banana bread! I also enjoy meeting up with friends and socialising over some good food.

My superhero power would be… Time control – the ability to see into the future or freeze time!