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In memory of Harvey William Gibbs


I am very much a Warwickshire lad. I was born in an apartment over the “Star and Garter” public house in Leamington Spa and have never strayed too far from the county!

Convinced that I would not do well in my examinations at school, I secured an apprenticeship to train as a welder. However, my exam results were better than I had anticipated and so I decided that I should continue with my education. I therefore undertook a business studies course at the Mid-Warwickshire College. That is when I developed a keen interest in the law and decided that I wanted to become a solicitor.

Whilst I was studying I used to work in a shop in my spare time where customer service was everything. I therefore developed some good people skills which have been just as important in my legal career.

Since qualifying as a solicitor I have worked in private practice. During the first few years, I covered a wide range of practice areas. For the last twenty years or so I have specialised in conveyancing but the knowledge and skills that I acquired from those other areas can still be of use in many transactions.

I am regarded by colleagues and clients as being very approachable. In my communications I like to avoid the use of legal jargon as far as possible in order that I can provide clear advice which my clients can understand.

One word which my colleagues would describe me ...


Outside of work I have two passions. Firstly football. In my youth I was a keen supporter of AP Leamington FC but once I could afford the bus fare I started travelling across to Highfield Road to watch Coventry City, and have been following their fortunes ever since. I used to play a bit myself, occasionally turning out for Coventry Young Solicitors many years ago, but that all ended when I ruptured my Achilles tendon whilst playing 5 a side!! One of my most memorable football moments was meeting the late great Jack Charlton at a networking event.

My other passion is music, particularly rock. My favourite era is the 1960s – 1970s. For me one of the wonders of the digital age is that I have been able to reconnect with music that I had lost touched with, or perhaps missed first time round, and listen to it pretty well wherever I happen to be!

When I grow up I most definitely want to be ...

A Rock Star!

My other interests outside of work include walking, cycling and just meeting up with friends for a good catch up. I also enjoy watching films and am particularly sentimental about old cinemas most of which have sadly been turned into bingo halls and the like. If I win the lottery I plan to buy an old cinema and restore it to its former glory!