Director of General Sociability (D.O.G.S)

I greet all visitors to the office with a wide grin and vigorously wagging tail.

I was born near Colchester and made the trip to Warwickshire when I was just eight weeks old.

On my third day in my new home 60 people came to see me (one of my humans claims it was to celebrate her birthday but I know better).

Having established my love of other people, I was the perfect candidate for the role of one of Feldon Dunsmore’s Directors of General Sociability and as with every other aspect of my life (chasing balls; barking at strangers; chewing bones) I have thrown myself wholeheartedly into my duties.

I’m in the process of training the postman to bring me a biscuit when he visits just like the postman at home. I have a fondness for any soft items (cardigans are a favourite) left by other members of staff on the backs of their chairs and like to show my caring side by going and fetching them for anyone who looks a bit cold.

One word my colleagues would use to describe me is…


My superhero power would be…

Mind control so that I could make my humans take me for a walk whenever I wanted

The soundtrack of my life would be…

Born to Run