Jamie Parsons

Development, Planning and Construction Solicitor

Since qualifying as a solicitor in 2003 I have worked in Private Practice, the Public Sector and as a Legal Director for a Land Development Co.

This has given me the opportunity to experience the legal process and requirements relating to planning law and development from all sides.

Through such work I have enjoyed working in various corners of the UK, from Cornwall and Bournemouth up to Lincolnshire.

The unique challenges that come through advising Councils at all levels has given me quite a unique experience; and does provide an ability to consider all aspects some of which cannot be found in a law book!

As such, I appreciate the practical issues involved in progressing and completing legal requirements, on development and planning matters. This is reflected in my down to earth and pragmatic approach to providing legal solutions. Such approach often results in a quick outcome enabling the client to progress their development with minimal interruption and delay.

I’m always available to talk through any issues.

Now the personal bit…

I take care of Kiara being one of the D.O.G.S. so can often be seen chasing after her; or seeking to persuade her it's time to get out of the river!

I do enjoy Rugby, and although I used to coach a local Mini and Junior team now show my support through the burden of attending Twickenham when I can to watch the international games. Although I do seek to also support my local level team and encourage people to get involved in what I think should be the national sport.

I have even been persuaded to follow Rugby League – Cherry and White Wigan!

Although we did seek to definitively answer the question of which sport is better? After fully discussing the pros and cons of the two codes – it was ultimately agreed that we should note that they are two different sports with their own unique qualities and have another beer!

One word my colleagues would use to describe me is…