Director of General Sociability (D.O.G.S)

Having worked for the Firm since being a mere pup I can attest to the differing characters of the Firm; some of which are strict and disciplined in their approach… to biscuit distribution!

Formal Name - Mischief Warrior

Qualified - Still the Underdog

Whereas others take a more hands on approach and feel it appropriate to roll around on the floor with me. Although I have not experienced such activity when the HR officer is present!!

The atmosphere can sometimes be quiet in the office, when apparently "serious" work needs to be undertaken, which suits my snoozing style. In contrast, it is often the case when a light hearted mood sweeps the office, apparently more often than not when I am there!

I do sometimes struggle with my excitement and vocalise this but I am learning to refrain from such response and settle down to snoozing with the odd walk round the office to check they are all working hard and relieve them from any unwanted lunch residue that they have placed in the receptacle under their desks within easy reaching distance for me.

When not in the office I can be seen exercising my owner; who l consider doesn’t do enough exercise, thus assisting him as his personal trainer and getting him to run after me.

I do enjoy a swim and can often be found swimming in the local river, which my owner never seems to appreciate cannot be rushed!

In conclusion they are a friendly bunch and always have treats on hand, so if you are passing and require a relaxing stroke of a canine, pop in and see me - biscuits always welcome!

One word my colleagues would use to describe me is…