Matthew Mansfield


I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2020 with a degree in law and then went on to complete my combined masters and LPC course at Nottingham Law school where I obtained a distinction.

From a relatively young age I had aspired to become a lawyer (after finally coming to terms with the fact I didn’t stand a chance of becoming a footballer) however for most of the time studying my degree I was never quite sure which area of law I wanted to specialise in. During my studies I actually  found Land Law to be one of my least favourite topics and if you’d told me during those lectures that I’d go on to aspire to be a property lawyer I certainly wouldn’t have believed you! This all changed when I began studying the LPC where property became the area I was most interested in and also came most naturally to me, providing some clarity in which area I wanted to specialise.

Naturally therefore, I started my legal career as a debt recovery paralegal at Flint Bishop. After this very brief deviation, I moved to Worcestershire County Council where I worked as a Conveyancing assistant. It was this role that truly solidified my desire to continue down the path of property, as I found the work both challenging and engaging. Scouring through decades old deed packets was like taking a trip back in time which I found fascinating. Now at Feldon Dunsmore I am excited to carry on my journey in becoming a property lawyer.

Outside of work I enjoy both watching and playing football, hoping to see Aston Villa return to the top of European football where they rightfully belong. I also have a keen interest in athletics which I have been doing for the best part of 15 years competing first in middle distance and transitioning towards 400m and 200m. Most of those 15 years I have been competing however I have recently also begun coaching the sport, starting off coaching the university team towards the end of my final year and now passing on the knowledge I have gained to the younger athletes at my local club, something I find incredibly enjoyable and rewarding.

If i won the lottery i would.....

Set myself up with my dream house and car and a holiday home I could use to escape to for some Winter sun!

One word my colleague would use to describe me is...