Mia Kelleher


I graduated from the University of Warwick in 2021 with a First-Class Law degree.

I was first drawn to property as a practice area after travelling to Mexico to build houses for those without a place to live. The team we worked alongside explained the issues they had to first tackle regarding ownership of the land, the real benefit that the law had afforded those families is what drew me in. 

My university experience was really impacted by the pandemic, and I felt a little lost, so I found a role as an Executive Assistant in order to gain exposure to all elements of business, to find where I would fit best. I consistently found myself drawn to the legal tasks and finding the most satisfaction and pride in my work after completing them. I particularly enjoyed any property-related exercise because of the tangible benefits they produce for the business and the involvement in a transaction often being from start to finish, seeing a project through its entire life cycle is incredibly rewarding. I am eager to continue to develop and refine my skills as part of the team at Feldon Dunsmore.

Outside of the office I really enjoy travelling, particularly to a hot country where I can work on a tan! I try to go to the gym as often as I can, I particularly enjoy a HIIT- Box class, although my motivation comes from my love of food and eating out (rather than getting fit). You’ll also often find me browsing the Zara website … I’m a bit of a shopaholic!


If I won the lottery I would ….

Travel the world, buy my dream house and make sure to invest a good chunk!


My favourite place to visit is