Director of General Sociability (D.O.G.S)

Working at Feldon Dunsmore is great, there is an endless supply of tummy tickles and cuddles for me from all of the team – I love it!

There are a lot of training opportunities at Feldon Dunsmore, I am currently learning how to play fetch with various members of the team – apparently you need to bring it back and not just run after it? I’ve also been learning how to say hello without jumping up, which is very difficult because it’s so exciting to see people! I’ve also made friends with the other D.O.G.S, the big fluffy dogs in the field that are called sheep and the cows opposite the office.

A day at Feldon Dunsmore looks a little like this for me:

  • First thing in the morning I make sure to go round to everyone’s desk to let them know I’m in work with a lick and a cuddle. If I’m here before the others I will run to the door to greet them when they arrive as it’s very important to start the day off on a positive note;
  • Then I have a snack (my favourite is a salmon stick) and a nap, because it’s really exhausting being so sociable;
  • I absolutely have to supervise my human whenever they leave their desk, so I normally strut around the office and accompany her on her jobs. But I don’t walk past anyone’s desk without checking in, that would be very rude of me and it’s definitely not just because I want attention;
  • We always go on a lunchtime walk, my favourite way to go is past the sheep fields and into the woods as I can run off my lead but if the humans need snacks then we have to walk on boring pavement and they don’t even buy me a snack;
  • Meetings in the boardroom in the afternoon are fun because there are lots of plant pots to explore. The blinds sometimes need telling off for being too noisy in the wind so I have to bark at them, which isn’t good in the middle of a meeting apparently, but I only do it to help;
  • I end the day with a big nap as all that hard work tires me out but everyone still makes sure to stop by my desk on their way out to say goodbye.

I take my job at Feldon Dunsmore very seriously and I try my hardest to make everyone smile and laugh, whether it is from showing off one of my new tricks, stealing the leftover cardboard to chew or coming back with a muddy face from exploring a plant pot.

Overall, they’re a lovely team who give great cuddles and are lots of fun to play with, apparently they’re also really good at something called law too.