Steven Petty


A strong sense of fairness and wanting to redress injustice wherever I saw it initially drew me to the law.

I had half a mind to go into politics for the same reason and having been told that’s all you need imagined I might be able to mix the two.  It quickly became apparent that not only do you need to be using all of your brain all of the time when practising law but that frequently a single brain was not enough.  My search for a second brain led me to go into partnership with Paul in 2014 and since then we have been adding as many good brains as we could find.  I’ve now abandoned all thoughts of entering politics.

When not trying to wrap my head round my client’s legal problems, I can be found using it to unravel the form of a handicap chase at Warwick or Cheltenham.  My passion for racing has led me to have shares in a number of racehorses over the years.

Racing fits with my love of spending time outdoors but I also have a black Labrador (see profile pages for our Directors of General Sociability for more details) to get me out in all weathers.  My son and I have set ourselves the target of climbing a mountain every year and I have also set myself the target of one outside walking challenge a year for charity.

When in work mode I can be found on my clients’ development sites in my wellies.

One word my colleagues would use to describe me is…


If I was a dog I would be…

My Labrador, Beatle

If I won the lottery I would…

Plant a forest

I like my eggs…

Laid by one of my own hens