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Feldon Dunsmore Summer Vacation Scheme

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Over the past few months, the Feldon Dunsmore team have hosted a number of interns as part of our Summer Vacation Scheme, which is now nearly drawing to a close for this year. This week, we have had the pleasure of having two interns temporarily joining the team. Over the course of the week, interns Heidi and Joshua have undertaken a variety of tasks and spent time working in different areas of our office, having the opportunity to shadow and work with most members of the team – partners, associates, paralegals and trainee. Tasks which have been undertaken have included:

  • Reviewing title documents to a proposed development site with a view to identifying whether the site has the benefit of sufficient rights to enable the client’s proposed development and whether there are any issues on the title which could prevent the proposed development;
  • Proof-reading residential plot sale contracts before they are issued to buyers’ lawyers;
  • Legal research into a specific issue to enable drafting of a bespoke clause in a contract for the sale of a commercial property; and
  • A visit to a client’s ongoing development.

They have also had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful farmyard surroundings of Leafield Estate, including becoming acquainted with the latest calf arrival, who is showing a very mischievous side in his first weeks on the farm.

Unfortunately owing to holiday and staff sickness this week’s interns didn’t have opportunity to meet our D.O.G.s, but if any future interns are particularly dog-mad we can try our best to arrange for the D.O.G.s. to make an appearance at some point during the placement.

Every working day as a property lawyer is different, so we can never guarantee exactly what one of our one-week vacation scheme placements may involve. However, what we can guarantee is that it certainly will not be limited to making cups of tea and photocopying! We pride ourselves in giving enthusiastic and proactive interns the opportunity to have a real insight into our active day-to-day work as a niche commercial property firm, and hope that this year’s interns have enjoyed their experience with us and taken away something from it.

We are hoping to run our next vacation scheme in the winter months, later this year. If you are a final year university student or graduate with an interest in a career in property law, keep an eye on our website for future opportunities. We are always on the lookout for new recruits and being part of one of our vacation schemes is a great way to show us what you are made of!