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New profiles and new perspectives at Feldon Dunsmore

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It has been an exciting month at Feldon Dunsmore, we have welcomed new and familiar faces to the team and all undertaken DiSC Workplace profiling. Aimee, our plot sales manager, has returned from maternity leave and two new paralegals, Greg and Heidi have joined the team.

DiSC profiling is a tool used to help better understand yourself and those you interact with and ultimately to strengthen working relationships and teamwork. DiSC is an acronym that stands for the four main personality profiles described in the DiSC model: (D)ominance, (i)nfluence, (S)teadiness and (C)onscientiousness.

To build our DiSC profiles we each spent time answering a series of questions and considering various scenarios which resulted in us each receiving a tailored report on our prescribed personality trait which we then spent an afternoon exploring and working through together.

It may be of no surprise to find out we have a mixture of profiles here at Feldon Dunsmore, nor that I have a C personality profile. In fact, I couldn’t have written my report better myself; I am willing to do what it takes to get things right, analyzing things carefully, I am self-controlled and cautious and work in a logical and methodical manner. Whilst in my slightly biased opinion, they all sound like good traits for a commercial property lawyer, there is huge value in having a mixed team of people, both generally within the firm and on specific projects, with different personality profiles and in understanding what motivates and drives other people.

So, with a focus on their DiSC profiles, we are delighted to welcome back Aimee from maternity leave. Aimee is returning part-time until the new year when she is back managing the plot sales team full time. Aimee has an S personality profile and excels in collaborating, giving support, being cheerful and optimistic and prioritizes quality results, so is a real attribute to the plot sales team and the firm. The team are certainly happy to have Aimee back.

Greg has recently joined our residential team as a paralegal and is already showing his worth with his D personality style. He is confident, willing to do what it takes to reach goals, eager for success, speaks up and prioritizes maintaining a positive, upbeat attitude. I know the residential team and I am sure our clients will agree, these are valuable traits for the world of residential conveyancing and fast-paced plot sales.

Heidi also joined us as a paralegal a few weeks ago and like a number of us in the commercial team, has a C personality style and takes a logical, objective approach to her work to ensure accuracy. I can certainly relate to Heidi’s approach and whilst that makes collaborating with and mentoring Heidi very easy for me, Heidi will also have the opportunity to work with others in the commercial team with different personality styles. This will add a useful perspective to Heidi’s development and also provide valuable support to others in the team who favour a different style of working.

As our team continues to grow it has been useful to have an insight into what motivates each other through the DiSC profiling and into how best to collaborate with internal and external contacts in the most effective way possible.