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Feldon Dunsmore is a specialist commercial property firm, and we also act on a small number of residential transactions. Training at Feldon Dunsmore provides an opportunity to be involved in both areas, and the general structure that is followed is 6 months looking into residential matters and 6 months for commercial matters.

I started at Feldon Dunsmore in September 2022 as a paralegal, involved solely on our commercial property work which included Landlord and Tenant, commercial purchases, developments, lender refinances and more. Once I had completed 6 months on the commercial side, I then moved to residential work in March of this year. Although there is a lot of overlap between the two areas, there are also some interesting differences.


Starting in the commercial department, with little legal or property experience, posed an interesting challenge. A lot of the documents and terminology were unknown and required some more in-depth initial research and negotiation throughout. It enhanced a commercially minded view when considering draft documents and how various clauses would impact clients from a business perspective.


The residential matters provided for more fast paced work, with sales of around £1 million being turned around within a matter of weeks. It also encouraged a new perspective when reviewing documents and information, considering what would benefit or cause a problem for a client from a residential and personal viewpoint.

Splitting training into these two sections is beneficial in experience the various processes involved in transactions and breaking down areas of learning, however, our fee earners work on a mixture of files which incorporates the benefits of both areas!

Summer Work Experience and Vacation Schemes

Before I started, I undertook a week’s work experience at Feldon Dunsmore in the summer of 2022. Although only a week, it provided a great insight into the kind of work and dynamics involved in property transactions.

This week, we have welcomed our first work experience candidates of the summer, Tilly and Eman. Both Tilly and Eman are Year 12 students who have had a chance to gain some practical legal experience while completing their A Levels.

Our work experience provides an insight into the different areas of work we offer. In their three days with us, our summer work experience candidates go on a walk around the grounds of Warwick Castle, just next to our office, and are taken through a review of the castle park’s Land Registry deeds which gives an opportunity to match up the physical land to the way it is set out on paper. They are also given an insight into our residential plot sales and the process that is followed and then also given a chance to review a commercial property matter with one of our solicitors.

While our Year 12 candidates are with us for three days, we also offer a week Vacation Scheme to those who have completed their formal education and are at university considering the next steps. The Vacation Scheme enhances on the work experience by also giving an opportunity to develop client care skill by drafting client letters and sitting in on meetings, drafting contracts and reports, and undertaking legal research to assist fee earners.

We aim to get our work experience and Vacation Scheme candidates involved in as much as possible and we are really looking forward to welcoming our work experience and Vacation Scheme candidates over the summer!