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A House Divided

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Abraham Lincoln famously said “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” As we watch the current election campaign play out, I cannot help but be struck by those words. Over the last ten years we seem to have become increasingly polarised on issues such as Brexit, immigration, and the rule of law. There has seemingly been a deliberate policy of engaging in ‘culture wars’ to divide us all into two camps, with the ‘other’ camp viewed as the enemy. In such an environment it’s no real surprise that both productivity and growth have been anaemic for so long.

Any business leader will tell you that if you want to improve productivity and growth in a business then the prerequisite is a unified team. That unity comes from a shared goal or purpose combined with shared values.

At team FD, we unashamedly put our core values at the heart of everything we do. How do you establish a team’s core value though? This isn’t a question of picking some aspirational values and then trying to get everyone to buy into them. Instead, we look at the members of our team to see what values are already being displayed. That process produces four values which are the core of our business:


Loving what you do is fundamental to performing to the best of your ability and team FD show a passion both for property law but also delivering an excellent service to our clients. That passion produces plenty of positive energy which is great for team morale.


This is essential for any business but especially a law firm where trust is a critical component of both our client and internal relationships.

Above and Beyond

Going the extra mile whether for one of our clients or a colleague creates a positive feedback loop where everyone is committed to doing their very best.

Pursuit of Excellence

We are always looking to achieve the best solutions for our clients and through continuous training and mentoring, we work together to ensure we are delivering both a quality of legal advice and client service that is ‘best in class’.

These core values would mean nothing if each member of our team didn’t live and breathe them every day. United by these shared values, the FD team continues to go from strength to strength.

My greatest hope is that once the election is over, our new Government can also find a common purpose and shared values to unify our country and unlock the potential of UK Plc.