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The Birmingham Commonwealth Games event is on track to be the most successful games in history, with more than 1.5 million tickets sold, and the city of Birmingham reporting August to be the busiest month the city has ever enjoyed.

We were very proud to be part of the Commonwealth Games in Warwick, playing host to the men and women’s cycling road races, seeing top athletes competing around the streets of our historic town. Some of the world's top road racers were greeted by thousands of enthusiastic cycling fans on a beautifully sunny day, providing the community with a chance to break out and celebrate following the restrictions put upon us from Covid. The tourism that the event brought to the town also saw our local independent shops, bars and restaurants thrive with business, with the main market square set up with a large screen and viewing area throughout the Games. In addition, with several planned road closures, the Feldon Dunsmore driveway became the main gateway to Warwick Castle visitors for the day, with the beautiful country estate where we are based, neighbouring the castle grounds.

I personally have been inspired by the Games and whilst far from a top athlete, have spent the summer training for the 2022 TCS London Marathon, taking place later this year. The commitment to training at times has felt restrictive and arduous, particularly in some of the 35+ degrees heat we have endured this summer! As part of my training, I have taken part in a number of organised events and half marathons, including Compton Verney Half Marathon, the start time for which was brought forward to help runners safely complete the race, with 32-degree temperatures hitting by midday. The support from the local villagers was incredible, with residents setting up camp at the end of their driveways to cheer us on, and some residents even setting up sprinklers for us to run through and handing out ice lollies to keep us cool. The sense of community and support never fails to touch me, and it’s this support that gets a lot of us through. Following the last couple of years of restrictions, once again the streets of London will be filled with supporters for the marathon and I for one will be reaping every cheer and holla along the way! I’m very proud to be raising money for Guide Dogs for the Blind, which is also a chosen Feldon Dunsmore charity for the year.

Our next Feldon Dunsmore charity event is a coffee and cake sale, on Friday 19th August, from 11am to 2pm at our offices in Warwick. Please do come along if you are able to join us! Otherwise donations can be made via our JustGiving page