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I started working at Feldon Dunsmore Solicitors as a Paralegal on the 15th of May 2023. Therefore, I am approaching four months with the firm.

In this blog post I would like to discuss my first few months at Feldon Dunsmore, for those looking to start their career journeys in law.

On starting my new role, I was thrown into the deep end with more responsibility than I had anticipated. I took on tasks such as aiding in completions, reviewing Titles, and drafting Plot Sale contracts.  At first this was overwhelming, as I was coming from a Legal Assistant role and had never done Paralegal work before. However, although this was an overwhelming environment to start a new role in, I was able to see how the firm comes together as a team, for example, by ensuring that everyone is supported and is provided with adequate training. By working in a law firm that encourages a team-like environment alongside allowing their Paralegals to aid Solicitors in high level tasks, ensures that those who are aspiring Solicitors have a realistic idea of what life of a qualified Solicitor would be like.

One thing I particularly like is that one-to-one and group training sessions are regularly on the agenda, recently we had a session on Unregistered Land, and I learnt about what is required by the Land Registry for the first registration of a property. The session came just in time for my own first registration application enabling me to put the session into practice. It is valuable to have sessions that are dedicated to learning a specific topic, as general questions around the law can be discussed alongside case specific queries.

As a team we take full advantage of our office location. Walking around the grounds of the farm is a nice way to bond with each other and step away from work to re-fuel for the rest of the working day. Given the general uprise of mental health concerns in the workplace, and my love for animals and farm life, the location was definitely an important advantage to accepting my offer to work at the firm.

To conclude starting a legal role in a law firm after graduating from university can be daunting, and we all have our own ideas of what it might be like. I can say that I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

I am looking forward to progressing in the firm and would encourage all those who are interested in the firm and Property Law to be enquiring of the opportunities that are being offered at Feldon Dunsmore. Check our “Join Us” page on our website for details of current opportunities.