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What does BHM mean to me

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Virtue Signaling – an attempt to show other people that you are a good person.
Black square on your Instagram grid, taking the knee before sporting events, posing with black high-profile individuals are all arguably examples of this. Are you a good person by simply stating you do not hold racist, discriminatory, or offensive views? “I’m not racist because my sister’s husband’s nephew is black” Are you a good person by being clued up on buzzwords such as “anti-racism” “unconscious bias” “global majority” or is being a good person pragmatic involving being kind to others, navigating life with tact and compassion and being committed to recognising your innate human flaws, challenging and updating your belief systems when presented with new information, being aware of the struggles others have faced that do not look like you, and acknowledging wrongs in the past and working on strategies collaboratively to ensure a fairer society including the work place for all!

To me and those at Feldon Dunsmore, Black History Month is so much more than recognising black talent, it’s an opportunity to remember our commitment to being good people! To call out and rectify injustice, to support additional needs of others based on specific characteristics, to dismantle outdated systemic practices that put some individuals in greater privilege to others and to ensure our clients, colleagues and community feel a sense of inclusion, belonging and trust especially when it comes to the workplace and delivery of legal services.

Judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character – Martin Luther King Jr

Happy Black History Month