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Feldon Dunsmore Announces New Strategic Partnership

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I’m delighted to announce that Feldon Dunsmore has formed an exciting new business partnership as part of its ongoing growth strategy.

Following extensive behind-the-scenes discussions, we can reveal that we are launching a new restaurant in the centre of Warwick in association with the world-famous Café de Flore.

Café de Flore was established in Paris in the 1880s and is well-known for its clientele of famous writers, philosophers and artists.  It has been searching for a suitable location in the UK for some time and we are delighted that the historic town of Warwick has been chosen for its first venture in this country.

The new partnership will build on the synergies between our two businesses.  The intention is to create a venue which will attract the leading legal minds who will be able to discuss the latest developments in the law whilst enjoying the classic ambience and cuisine of the original Café de Flore.

Each year the literary prize, the Prix de Flore, is presented at the Café de Flore in November.  Whilst the Prix de Flore rewards youthful authors, the UK version (which will be named the Prix de Dunsmore) will acknowledge the talents of the country’s brightest lawyers.  It will be judged by a panel of leading legal experts and in its first year, the prize will be presented to the lucky winner by Gabriel Macht.

To reflect Feldon Dunsmore’s signature policy of charging a fixed fee for all matters, a prix fixe menu will be offered at lunchtime and Feldon Dunsmore clients will be entitled to a free coffee with any food order.

We have been invited to name a signature dish for the new restaurant which will be created to celebrate the marriage of our two businesses and I am also launching today a competition open to all to come up with a name for this dish.  All suggestions should be sent to and the winner will enjoy a complimentary meal for two on opening day.

Finally, I can reveal the name for the new restaurant.  It is, of course, Feldon de Flore.

If you are as excited by this news as I am then please feel free to contact me for further details at or on 01926 629005.  I am also available for legal advice.