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Feldon Dunsmore Annual Christmas wreaths

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Wow I cannot believe we are now in December; this year seems to have flown by. I don’t know about you, I did all of my Christmas shopping in September and wrapped it all. So, I have been able to enjoy the run up to Christmas and putting my Christmas tree up last weekend.

Following on from my successful Christmas shopping trip, I was left thinking about what gifts we could give to our clients this year that would be different from the usual traditional gifts.

Christmas wreaths have lots of different meanings, one thing that I find particularly interesting is that the meaning of the greenery in a wreath represents growth.

As I am sure you are aware we have recently moved offices and have since continued to grow throughout the business and within the team.

We wanted to add a personal touch to the gifts that we chose this year, all the wreaths have been carefully made locally to represent our firm and the beautiful countryside our offices in Warwick surround.

These have all been hand delivered and are already starting to take pride of place on our client’s front doors.

Due to the huge success of the handmade Christmas wreaths this year we have decide that these will be our Christmas gifts moving forward.

We would like to the thank the Orangery Flower shop for all of their hard work and support in the crafting of these gifts.

Feldon Dunsmore would like to thank all their clients for their continued support and would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.