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It's Just the Sun Rising

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I’m back into the swing of my Friday morning walks in the dark with Beatle but even before sunrise there is plenty of interest.

This morning featured a competition between the dawn chorus and the tawny owls in the trees surrounding my house hooting to each other (the owls won).  Last week featured a spectacular sunrise as we reached the highest point of our walk.  I love to take photos on my walks and as I was photographing the sunrise I thought about how differently we can all react to the things we see and hear every day.

You might describe the fabulous sounds that greeted me as I walked out of the house this morning as ‘It’s just birds singing’ or that spectacular orange glow on the horizon with a classic winter sun rising through the treeline as ‘It’s just the sun rising’.  It’s much more uplifting, though, (especially in the dark days of winter) to reflect on the wonder of everything around us. 

January is often the month when our mood reaches its lowest.  It’s also a time when many people re-evaluate their lives and look for new challenges and a fresh sense of purpose.  Several years ago, my eldest child asked me the question ‘What’s the point of life?’.  My answer was that there is no point but rather than that being a terrifying and depressing thought, it means that you are free to live your life in the way you believe is right.

For most of our history, humans haven’t needed to consider their ‘purpose’ or the point of life.  Initially, simple survival was the only purpose but as societies developed, for the vast majority of humans, their purpose was imposed on them by someone else.  Only in the last fifty years have we reached the stage where most people have the freedom to choose their own purpose in life without a tyrannical ruler, slave master, or strict social norms dictating the way you have to live.  While that is clearly a positive development, it can also be the cause of uncertainty and self-doubt.  What if I choose the wrong purpose?  What if I’m not being the best I can be? 

I think this new challenge of seeking out our own purpose is why businesses increasingly need to focus on the ‘Why?’ of what they do rather than describing ‘What’ it is they do.  If you are looking for the guiding purpose for your life, a business that can inspire you with their ‘Why?’ is a great way of giving your working life focus and meaning.

So what is Feldon Dunsmore’s ‘Why?’.  Quite simply to be a force for positive change in the legal industry.  We believe that a lawyer’s purpose is to aid our clients’ understanding of legal issues rather than cloaking what we do in impenetrable language and long-winded written reports.  We believe in charging for our advice based on the value to our clients rather than on how long we take to do the job.  We believe in training our lawyers to deliver practical solutions to legal problems rather than presenting their clients with a list of problems.  In short, we believe that a lawyer’s job is to help others.

If you would like to be a force for positive change, whether you are just starting your career in the law or need a new ‘Why?’ then get in touch at