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Feldon Dunsmore Launches Solicitors Apprenticeship Scheme and New Head of Early Talent

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Our approach to growing the business has always been based on developing early talent.  Each year we invite graduates to spend a week with us to experience life at a niche law firm and for the first time this year we have a separate programme for students in years 12/13 who will each be joining us for three days on a specially tailored programme.  At the end of their short stay with us, each of our guests (in addition to receiving some awesome Feldon Dunsmore merch) will be provided with details of our new Solicitors Apprenticeship Scheme.

At a time when the cost of living crisis is getting worse by the day and the prospect of attending university with the resultant debts is looking increasingly unattractive, we wanted to be able to offer bright young minds an opportunity to start training to become solicitors as soon as they have finished their ‘A’ levels.

A solicitors apprenticeship is a 6-year route to qualifying as a solicitor.  To put that into context, anyone following the traditional route of studying at University for three years followed by the LPC and a two-year training contract would have also taken six years to qualify as a solicitor.

The apprenticeship scheme combines work and study with four days a week working in the business and one day studying with an appointed apprenticeship education provider.

We have already embraced the new SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Examination) route to qualification and our apprentices will also take the SQE during the course of their apprenticeship.

All training costs and exam fees for our apprentices will be covered by Feldon Dunsmore.

To reflect our increasing commitment to early talent, we have decided to create a new position in the business with responsibility for this vital area.  We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our new Legal Director and Head of Early Talent is none other than Bethan Blackburn.  Bethan starts her new role next month and we could think of no-one better to bring out the best in the budding lawyers at Feldon Dunsmore.

If you are currently studying in year 12/13 and have an interest in law then we would love to hear from you.  Please get in touch by emailing us at with brief details of why you are interested in pursuing a career in the law and your academic record to date.