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Why do you want to be a solicitor?

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We now have a well-established graduate program and we are always interested to hear why applicants decided they wanted to become a lawyer.

It’s actually a question many struggle to answer and it possibly stems from the fact that even law graduates sometimes have no more than a vague idea of what a lawyer does on a daily basis.  On a week’s work experience with us we therefore try to give our interns a realistic flavour of what life is like as a property lawyer.  We hope to inspire in them a thirst to pursue a career in property law but equally the insight into our daily lives may have the opposite effect.

So why do people choose to become lawyers?  More importantly why should people choose to become lawyers?

Let’s start with reasons an applicant shouldn’t give for becoming a lawyer when applying for a place on our graduate programme.


We pride ourselves on offering market leading levels of remuneration to our lawyers but I still wouldn’t want anyone to join Feldon Dunsmore just because we pay well.  If you are to wake up with energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead then it needs to be the job itself that inspires you not the size of your pay packet at the end of the month.


Gone are the days when a lawyer was a pillar of the local community.  A career as a professional person does still have a level of status attached to it but it’s certainly not a reason to choose such a career.  I worry that anyone fixated on their own status will be in danger of forgetting that the most important person in the room is the client not them.


I’m not saying being a lawyer is dull.  I still get a real buzz out of successfully concluding a big deal but if you are looking for a career packed with excitement the law is not for you.

So why should you become a lawyer?  These would be my top three reasons.

To Help Others

A strong commitment to helping others is essential for a rewarding and successful career in the law.  A lawyer’s job is to help clients negotiate a forest and immense job satisfaction can be gained from successfully assisting clients.  Our job is not only to aid our client’s understanding but also to ensure we facilitate the achievement of their objectives.  In the context of property law, that means ensuring that our client’s property rights are respected and protected and that transactions are brought to a successful conclusion ideally in accordance with the client’s required timescale.

Intellectual Challenge

Much of what lawyers do is very often only of interest to other lawyers.  The technical work we do in the background is often underappreciated and so the satisfaction of the work comes from knowing you have mastered an intellectually challenging issue even if you receive no thanks for doing so.

Love of hard work

The work shy need not apply.  Practising the law often involves a lot of mental effort, long hours and the need to work to a high level under pressure.  After raw mental ability, a high level of endurance is probably the most important trait a lawyer can possess.

If this resonates with you then call me for more information on our graduate scheme and opportunities for a career in the law at Feldon Dunsmore on 01926 629005 or email

Author: Steve Petty 

18 June 2021