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Steven Petty

Recruitment Drive

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There’s been plenty of news recently about a tight labour market across the country and the legal sector is certainly no exception. The shortage of good lawyers is particularly acute in the commercial property sphere and it’s become more...

Leaders and Where To Find Them

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During the darkest days of lockdown, I was lucky enough to discover the inspirational Simon Sinek and devoured all freely available speeches he gave on a variety of business topics but it was his thoughts on leadership that really resonated with me. ...

Why do you want to be a solicitor?

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We now have a well-established graduate program and we are always interested to hear why applicants decided they wanted to become a lawyer. It’s actually a question many struggle to answer and it possibly stems from the fact that even law graduates...

A Forest

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In my mind’s eye, a forest is a dark place. The trees crowd together blocking out the light; the branches block your progress at every turn; and the paths slowly disappear the deeper you get leaving you hopelessly lost. I imagine that is how the...